The guy went on a date with a new friend and received an unexpected proposal

User Reddit shared a story about how he went on a date with a new acquaintance and received an unexpected offer. He said that at the meeting the girl began to insist that he join the network business in which she works.

“I met a girl on Tinder and talked to her for about a week. She seemed very cheerful and sociable,” wrote the author of the post. He added that he ended up asking her out on a date and offered her coffee. The girl agreed.

The first 10 minutes of the meeting, as the narrator noted, went well. “I asked her if she wanted coffee and she said she had already had it in the morning. It was weird since she knew she was going on a date to a coffee shop,” he added. Then the guy went to buy coffee for himself, and when he returned, he saw another girl at the table.

A new acquaintance told him that this was her colleague, because of which the hero of the story thought that she did not consider their meeting a date. They started asking him questions about work and school and asked if he was willing to listen to their business plan to make a lot of money every month.

“My new friend took out a notebook and began to explain how much money I would earn if I found three other people, who in turn would find three more,” said the author of the publication. Then he directly asked if this business model was a financial pyramid, and their meeting was not a date. “The girl replied that it was a date, but I turned out to be so cool that she wanted me to become their partner, and their business plan is not a pyramid scheme, but multi-level marketing,” he added.

According to the narrator, he sat there for another 15 minutes while the girls explained to him that he could earn five thousand dollars a month if he brought 100 more people into this business. As a result, the guy left the meeting, informing new acquaintances that he needed to take the dog to the vet. In conclusion, he added that the girls looked unhappy because the hero was not interested in their offer.

“This is not a financial pyramid, this is a financial pyramid,” one of the users joked under the post. In the comments, some users noted that similar situations happened to them. Many were also surprised at how much time and effort the girl spent on attracting a new partner to the business.

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