The NAO has the largest list of areas for spending funds from the district maternity capital

In addition, the amount of regional maternity capital is one of the highest in the country – 379,911 rubles.

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In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the list of directions for managing the funds of the district maternity (family) capital has been significantly expanded compared to the federal maternity capital. So, in the region, families with children can direct the funds of the regional materiel capital in eleven areas – to improve housing conditions, education, sanatorium treatment, paid medical services, the purchase of goods and services intended for social adaptation and integration into society of children with disabilities in accordance with with an individual rehabilitation or habilitation program, the purchase of vehicles – a car, a snowmobile, a boat, as well as the development of personal subsidiary plots, including the purchase of agricultural machinery, the purchase or construction of a garage, an individual bath, payment for the cost of purchased furniture or household appliances, and also for a one-time payment of 30 thousand rubles. You can spend money in full or in parts in different directions.

Recall that families with three or more children can use the right to provide regional maternity (family) capital. At the same time, you can receive a measure of state support not once for the third or subsequent child, but for the third and each of the subsequent children.

One of the main conditions for receiving district support is that the applicant must live in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug for at least three years before the appearance of a third or subsequent child in the family.

You can apply for regional maternity capital on the portal public services or at My Documents offices.

In 2022, 170 large families of the NAO received state support. The funds were disposed of by 241 families in the amount of 50.8 million rubles.

Such a state support measure as regional maternal (family) capital is aimed at reducing the poverty level of families with children, stimulating the birth rate, increasing population growth and the effectiveness of state social security.

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