The number of road accidents involving children has decreased in the NAO

This was made possible thanks to the prevention of child road traffic injuries.

Photo: NAO24 archive

In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug for 9 months of 2022, there is a decrease in road traffic accidents involving minors.

So, in 2021, 3 accidents were registered with the participation of children: 7 years old – a cyclist, 9 years old – a pedestrian, 15 years old – a motorcycle driver. During the same period in 2022, only 2 accidents occurred: 16 years old – a passenger in a vehicle and 17 years old – a motorcycle driver.

The statistics are provided by the regional traffic police based on the results of work in the current year.

This became possible thanks to the full-scale work aimed at preventing child road traffic injuries and ensuring road safety, which is carried out by educational organizations in the region together with the district traffic police.

As part of the preventive program, the following activities were carried out in the district:

– Regional preventive campaign “Shine on the “excellent” in the Polar Night!”;

– The regional stage of the All-Russian competition of detachments of young traffic inspectors “Safe Wheel – 2022” on the basis of GBOU NAO “Secondary School No. 5”. The team of winners of the regional stage took part in the final of the competition, which took place in Kaluga;

– The regional team “First Driving School” took part in the All-Russian Championship in auto all-around in Omsk, where it took 34th place;

– Regional preventive campaign “Safe Summer”, within the framework of which parent meetings were held with the participation of representatives of the district State traffic inspectorate on road safety issues, as well as briefings with children and parents of students on the safe use of personal mobility aids, mopeds and motorcycles;

– Training seminar for parents (legal representatives) of students on road safety issues;

– Single Road Safety Day for students in summer school playgrounds;

– Interdepartmental preventive raid “Child on the road”;

– The team of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug took part in the XIII All-Russian rally-competition of young traffic inspectors “Roads without danger” in the All-Russian Center “Ocean” in Vladivostok;

– The Nenets Regional Center for the Development of Education distributes products with retroreflective elements;

– Road Safety Week;

– The district preventive campaign “To love and protect”, which will end on November 30.

Also, the Center for the Prevention of Children’s Road Traffic Injuries at the Children’s and Youth Center “Leader” is actively working. Training in the center is conducted according to three additional general educational general development programs: social and humanitarian orientation “Laboratory of safety” and “Young traffic inspectors”, technical orientation “Avtokvantum”.

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