The opening of the first Arctic Forum “New Time” took place in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

From November 1 to 2, the first Arctic regional forum of digital, humanitarian and natural science profiles “New Time” is being held at school No. 1.

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Guys, you are very lucky. After all, the opportunities that you now have are incredible. In our time, this could only be dreamed of. Entering Quantorium and Points of Growth, we see modern equipment and new technologies that are purchased so that you spend time not only with interest, but also with benefit, learn something new. And of course, we try to create such centers so that you can find yourself in them. I wish you to spend these two days of the forum productively. Work as a team, share ideas, I wish you success! – Head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the NAO Anton Pustovalov addressed the participants with parting words.

The forum participants were 68 schoolchildren of the district, including students of Indiga and Karatayka schools.

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— We arrived with a delegation from Indiga. We managed to combine two trips: we visited the Gathering of School and Student Self-Government in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, as well as the New Time forum. Here we work on different platforms. I chose quadcopters because they are interesting, modern and exciting,” notes Vyacheslav Mitkin, a schoolboy from Indiga.

On the first day, the guys got acquainted with the curators of six thematic sites and started fruitful work. In order for the forum participants to gain the maximum amount of knowledge, experts were invited to the Novoye Vremya forum to conduct classes with schoolchildren.

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Participants of the site “Chess” passed a session of simultaneous play.

“I chose chess because I wanted to get a sweet prize,” fourth-grade student Alexander Vaskin laughs. “In general, I really like this job. In the summer I learned to play chess with my grandfather. He is a good player, he showed how to make different moves and what tricks there are,” the boy said.

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Svetlana Khabarova, a physics teacher, conducted a lesson using the Znatok electronic kit. Also, the guys were engaged in assembling radios using the equipment of the “Points of Growth”.

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Designing is my hobby. I am doing my own research. In first grade, I built a propeller that could fly. Invented with the same constructor as this one. I made a mechanism that spun the propeller and it took off,” explains fifth-grader Mark Mityanin.

For young biologists, classes were held on the following topics: “The Nenets Reserve – a turn of a quarter of a century”, “School scientific expeditions – the past, present, future”, “Ecological monitoring of some water bodies of the Nenets Reserve”. The use of a remote-controlled underwater vehicle in the study of water bodies. As well as a workshop on physical and chemical analysis of water.

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At the “Quadcopters” site, an acquaintance with the simulator and the first flights on tello quadrocopters took place. The guys also got acquainted with open systems for the development of flying and underwater drones. A lecture on software “Teamwork” was held for schoolchildren at the Techno site. The guys worked on the concept of the Hackathon and worked on projects together with the Kvant platform, the participants of which were told about virtual reality technologies, how to generate ideas and find their place in the team.

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– Representatives of a new generation will work at the thematic sites of the Novoye Vremya forum – children who grow up in conditions of total digitalization, gadgets, files, systems. You are offered to invent, learn, communicate. Good luck to you young, interesting and promising. Do it, keep it up! – said Olga Yastrikova, deputy director for educational work of secondary school No. 1.

The organizer of the forum “New Time” is the Regional Model Center for Additional Education for Children of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

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“This is the first such forum in the region. We would like our children to receive maximum useful and interesting information during the two days of the forum. We also have specialists from the village of Krasnoye, the cities of Vladimir and Syktyvkar. Such activities are very important for students. This is also carried out during the holidays, we can say that the vacation time definitely passes with benefit. We hope that the Novoye Vremya Forum will become an annual event,” summed up the organizer Elena Chernitsyna.


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