The reason for the craving of Russians to take the most expensive clothes on vacation is revealed Russian news EN

Russians take the most expensive things on vacation to take beautiful photos

The jewelry brand SOKOLOV and the analytical agency A2:Research have revealed the reason why Russians tend to take the most expensive clothes on vacation. The corresponding press release was made available to

1207 people took part in the mentioned study. According to the data received, 63 percent of Russians take their best things on trips. At the same time, 35 percent of respondents explain this decision by the desire to take beautiful photos in outfits, and 28 percent – by the need to “walk” the outfits.

In addition, it turned out that 71 percent of women take jewelry when traveling, and 38 percent of them choose the most expensive items. Among the men surveyed, 27 percent carry jewelry on vacation, but they prefer those that they do not mind losing.

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At the same time, 40 percent of respondents admitted that their appearance on vacation is not important to them. Almost one in three Russians (30 percent) wear casual clothes while traveling. At the same time, 29 percent of citizens consider vacation an important event and put on spectacular things.

In July, the analytical center of the jewelry brand SOKOLOV uncovered the amount of spending by Russians on engagement rings in different regions of the country for the period from January to July 2022. According to the data obtained, the largest spending on the mentioned goods was recorded in St. Petersburg. It is reported that they averaged 9952 rubles per item.

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