The recruiting campaign in the NAO is going on as usual

Photo: NAO24 archive

The draft campaign in the region began on November 1 and will end at the end of December.

– The first draft commissions took place. The autumn draft is going on at a calm pace, without haste: There are guys called up for military service, released from it and received a deferment. This is an annual event that has nothing to do with a special military operation. I want to reassure the conscripts themselves, their relatives and repeat the directive of our President – conscripts will not be sent to the war zone, to the NVO zone, – said the military commissar of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Igor Ibraev.

The military commissar also noted that all conscripts called up this year will complete their normal service life of one year. Life extension is not considered for them.

Traditionally, recruits from the NAO will serve in the Northern Fleet, the Western Military District, or the Aerospace Forces.

The conscripts will go to the assembly point in the Arkhangelsk region, where they will be formed into teams and sent to military units.

– It seems to me that the army is an important stage in a man’s life. I don’t know if I’ll get a conclusion on fitness for service, but I’m mentally ready for it. Many friends and relatives went through military service, so they are calm and cheerful, – said conscript Alexei.

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