The Russians reacted to the trick of Vaikule, who unfurled the Ukrainian flag at the concert

During a concert in the Lithuanian seaside town of Palanga, Latvian singer Laima Vaikule took the stage with the flag of Ukraine, thus denoting her position regarding the special military operation in Ukraine. The Russians did not appreciate the trick of the singer.

The Russians reacted to the antics of Vaikule with the Ukrainian flag

Singer Laima Vaikule demonstrated the flag of Ukraine at a concert in Lithuania. Thus, the star expressed her position on the special operation in Ukraine. At the same time, the singer explained: she remains a citizen of Latvia, which means that her policy and position are different from the Russian one. When asked if Vaikule was going to perform in Russia, the singer explained that she did not plan to do this yet, because she did not know “how this could happen emotionally.”

Vaikule is a close friend of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, who fled Russia. The singer has repeatedly expressed her attitude towards the citizens of Russia and is known for her ability to change shoes on the fly.

However, the Russians know the answer to the question of whether Laima Vaikule will perform in Russia – and it is negative.

In the comments under the video, where the singer unfurls the Ukrainian flag, the Russians share their thoughts about her act.

“She was paid, she left. That’s business. Yes, and recently
She also assured that Russians in Latvia have the same rights as Latvians. business, nothing

“In a time of trials, everything that does not sink, then rises.”

“The old woman precipitated, we must remind ourselves, all of her
fame and popularity remained in RUSSIA … “

“What are we all about them, snickering and bored! There are others – young and talented: Dimash, Ankudinova, Shaman. And how many other young people were at different competitions? But COULD NOT get through because of greed and ordinary envy
of the old “art elite”.

“Recently, I was sick of what the “life-giving” flag is doing to people, to close the border for all traitors, let them live as they want – just not in Russia.”

“A man who indulges in disgusting antics,
is disgusting. There is more freedom of speech in Russia than anywhere else.
But Russia should not give a mirror, but a hundredfold answer to those who do not respect her. Dignity is something that only a strong, independent state can afford.”

“The most annoying thing is that as soon as everything is over these …
will return as if nothing had happened. Why are we so kind and forgiving everyone? Laima has been against Russia for a long time, but this did not stop her from visiting us, filming, performing … “

“We are waiting for new names, really worthy, beautiful and talented. And not those faded dandelions, from which a steady nausea
the reflex developed at least 20 years ago,” the Russians write.

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