The Russians were named the most fashionable outerwear for the fall of 2022 Russian news EN

Leather trench coats and quilted jackets named fall 2022’s trendiest outerwear

Marketplace Lamoda named the most fashionable outerwear for Russian women for the fall of 2022. The relevant comments were provided to by the company’s fashion expert Polina Fedotova on Wednesday, August 3rd.

The specialist notes that the popularity of the trench coat will not fade away in the coming season. However, according to her, the mentioned item of clothing will take on unusual forms. “You can bet on both the basic color palette and the bright one. I also advise you to play with textures, for example, try on lacquer or leather models, ”says Fedotova.

In addition, quilted jackets will become relevant, the expert believes. The representative of the retailer emphasized that they are combined with any shoes and fit into the images of different styles: from sports to classic. However, she recommends purchasing this item a size larger so that it is comfortable to wear paired with a bulky sweater.

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In addition, Fedotova advises to buy a bright coat, for example, in the shade “fuchsia”. “It is easy to look elegant and spectacular in such clothes, and most importantly, you don’t need to come up with complex images for this: the coat will become the main focus,” the expert explains.

An alternative to the classic coat, according to the specialist, can be a poncho. “This option is for those who want to stand out. The poncho will add bohemian chic and Western motifs to the look, especially with Cossacks and fringe, ”Fedotova concludes.

In July, the representative of the Lamoda marketplace Yulia Manukova named top trends for fall 2022 So, the actual things of the season, according to the expert, will be jackets with massive shoulders, as well as cropped or fitted puffy jackets. In addition, the specialist recommends paying attention to trousers and jeans with a low waist.

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