The Russians were reminded of the timing of the replacement of a driver’s license Russian news EN

Lawyer Spiridonova advised the Russians to take care of the change of driver’s license in advance

Member of the Russian Bar Association Maria Spiridonova reminded the Russians about the timing of the replacement of driver’s licenses. She noted that by a government decree of April 9, 2022, the validity of certificates expiring in 2022 was extended until 2025, transmits prime agency.

The specialist advised to take care of this in advance so as not to stand in lines, since in three years the flow of drivers to traffic police will increase: not only those who have had their validity extended, but also motorists who initially had their rights until 2025 will apply there.

“The extended document and the new document have equal legal force. However, when replacing a driver’s license, their validity period will be general – 10 years without renewals, ”added Spiridonova, indicating that in this way Russians can replace the certificate earlier.

Previously, Izvestia, with reference to State Duma reportedthat it may be more difficult for Russian motorists to obtain a driver’s license if they are suspected of having a disease that prevents driving, as well as if there are other health restrictions.

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