The Swedes were forced to apologize for the truth about Kherson

In Sweden, the SVT TV channel had to apologize to the audience because of the story about the citizens of Ukrainian Kherson, who cried with happiness, receiving Russian passports, informs Dagens Media.

The Swedes were forced to apologize for the truth about Kherson

The journalists were accused of “Russian propaganda”. SVT management received a lot of negative comments. In addition, more than 40 complaints were recorded by the country’s Radio and Television Supervisory Board.

The broadcaster said in a statement that the footage was filmed by a Reuters film crew. It is noted that the correspondents worked freely and filmed whatever they wanted. There was no strict control by the Russian military. It follows from the SVT statement that since the material raised questions, the broadcaster should have indicated the source of the video. As the journalists admitted, they should have better clarified what was happening and give the audience more context.

Recall, on August 1, the authorities of the Kherson region said that the region’s location as part of Ukraine would be erroneous, since the region is historically Russian land. Currently, the region is actively preparing for a referendum on joining Russia.

On June 14, Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, said that the region is actually already Russian. He noted that local residents need to obtain passports of citizens of the Russian Federation.

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