The United States predicted the loss of European partners because of Russia Russian news EN

Newsweek said the United States cannot endlessly rely on EU assistance in the war with Russia

Washington is counting on European partners in the fight against Russia, but this situation cannot continue indefinitely, writes American weekly Newsweek, citing international affairs expert Michael Gfoeller and former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia David Rundell.

The United States predicted the loss of European partners because of Russia. The main reason for this will be the economic crisis in Europe, experts say. Anti-Russian sanctions have led to an increase in the cost of energy, inflation and a general rise in the cost of living. The authors noted that resignations began in the highest echelons of power in a number of European countries. The publication clarified that the region was captured by strikes by employees of key sectors of the economy.

Gfeller and Rundell believe that the unrest will only intensify, and public discontent will grow. European leaders “clearly feel what is coming,” experts said. They cited the example of the President of Hungary Viktor Orbanwho condemned the anti-Russian sanctions. He was later supported by the Vice President European Commission Frans Timmermans, who warned that due to energy shortages this winter, Europe will face “very, very strong conflicts and strife.”

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The United States, counting on allies, may not wait for their interests to be satisfied, experts said.

Some longtime US allies and satellites around the world refuse impose sanctions against Russia. The most inconvenient country for the West turned out to be India, which constantly refrains from making decisions condemning the actions of the Russian side.

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