The United States reported on China’s preparations for an “offensive” Russian news EN

Foreign Affairs: China plans to aggressively defend its interests because of Ukraine and Taiwan

China believes the US and Taiwan are deliberately escalating regional tensions by directly linking the Ukrainian conflict to the island’s security, Asian security expert Bonny Lin and a Chinese scholar from China said. Center for Strategic and International Studies Jude Blanchette, writes American magazine Foreign Affairs (FA).

The authors of the article reported that at the beginning of the special operation, the PRC authorities expressed their thoughts with restraint. Six months later, Beijing has decided on its position, experts say. “China would prefer the conflict to end with an undeniable Russian victory, but it also has another wish: that the United States and Europe deplete their stocks of military equipment and weapons by supplying them to Ukraine,” the article says.

According to experts, the Chinese authorities have come to the conclusion that regardless of the outcome of the conflict, China’s own external environment has become much more dangerous. Analysts have indicated that the US will try to create economic, technological and military coalitions to contain China.

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“China believes that Washington and Taipei are deliberately escalating regional tensions by directly linking the Ukrainian conflict with the security of Taiwan. Beijing is also concerned that increased international support for Taiwan will thwart its reunification plans,” write Lin and Blanchett.

According to them, China will soon “go on the offensive.” They added that his foreign policy will increasingly be based on the aggressive pursuit of Chinese interests and the search for new ways to gain global power.

Former Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi declaredthat the complete reunification of China with Taiwan is a historical inevitability.

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