The White House tried in advance to reduce the risks of Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan Russian news EN

Bloomberg: White House Discussed Risk Reduction from Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

In the White House, in the run-up to the trip of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, secret negotiations and consultations were held in secret, trying to prepare in advance to reduce the risks from her visit to the island, informs Bloomberg, citing its own sources.

The agency notes that a number of representatives of the administration of the American president Joe Biden discussed with Pelosi the geopolitical risks that may arise due to her tour, urging her to refrain from traveling. After her refusal to do so, the White House began to work to prevent possible threats by negotiating with China through unofficial channels.

It is also emphasized that the speaker did not share her plans for a trip to Taiwan even with the members of the congress delegation accompanying her. According to the newspaper, they learned about it on the same day after boarding the plane.

Formerly The Guardian newspaper named actions of the West by “flirting with the catastrophe”. The author believes that the policy currently followed by Western countries both in relation to Ukraine and Taiwan increases the risk of starting a global war with the use of nuclear weapons.

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