The Yunarmey Detachment of School No. 4 of Naryan-Mar was named after the Hero of the Northern Military District Alexander Bulanov

On October 27, at school No. 4, a solemn initiation of students into the ranks of the Yunarmiya took place. Also on the line, the name of the Hero of the special military operation Alexander Bulanov was officially given to the Youth Army detachment “Courage”

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Joining the ranks of UNARMIA, students of secondary school No. 4 took a solemn oath of allegiance to the Fatherland and the entire Yunarmiya brotherhood, because for boys and girls this is the school of the future, where true character, courage, determination, patriotism and the will to win are brought up.

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– Every Monday schools host “Conversations about the Important”. And the week begins with the raising of the State flag of the Russian Federation. All this instills in a person love for the Motherland. In particular, your choice to join the ranks of the Youth Army is a manifestation of true patriotism. From now on, you are an example for other students. You will always be guided and viewed with great pride, – said the head of the department of education, culture and sports of the NAO Anton Pustovalov.

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– By joining the ranks of the Yunarmiya, you will learn to respect each other, help out, feel the shoulder of a comrade. Many tasks will be solved jointly. I would like to wish you to lead an active lifestyle, to be the initiators of new projects and ideas, – the military commissar of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Igor Ibraev admonished the guys.

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From that day on, the youth detachment “Courage” bears the name of the Hero of the special military operation Alexander Bulanov.

– Your detachment now bears the name of our comrade-in-arms. Alexander Bulanov died heroically. The commander of his platoon was wounded and Alexander led the detachment. When his platoon was sent to reconnaissance in battle, none of his comrades were afraid. Everyone went and completed the combat mission. And our combat organization hopes that you guys will worthily bear the name of Alexander Bulanov, – said Andrei Ruzhnikov, Chairman of the Board of the SHIELD Veterans Association.

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On March 30, Alexander was among the first from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug to go to the Donbass as a volunteer. From April 11 to May 3, as the commander of the BARS-4 volunteer detachment, he took part in a special military operation in Ukraine.

Heroically died on May 3, 2022 in the battles on the outskirts of the village of Aleksandrovka, Kherson region. For his courage and heroism, he was awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously).

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It is worth noting that school No. 4 has a small corner with information from the biography and personal belongings of Alexander Bulanov.

In addition to the solemn ceremony of initiation into the ranks of the Yunarmiya members, an exhibition “Heroes of the Special Operation” was opened in secondary school No. 4.

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The exposition is dedicated to 15 heroes of the special operation in Ukraine – soldiers and officers who performed heroic deeds in the performance of their duty.

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