They want Russia to win: China is ready to go on the offensive

Beijing believes that the United States and Taiwan are deliberately escalating tension in the region, linking the situation in Ukraine with the security of the island, informs REN TV with reference to Foreign Affairs.

They want Russia to win: China is ready to go on the offensive

According to Asian security specialist Bonnie Lin and sinologist Jude Blanchett from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, at first the Chinese authorities behaved quite reservedly towards Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine. However, six months later, China decided on its position, and now they want Russia to win.

It would also be preferable for Beijing to deplete the military stocks of the United States, which supply weapons to Kyiv. According to experts, China has changed its mind about the country’s environment, which has become more dangerous. Especially in light of the fact that Washington is trying to create economic, technological and military coalitions to contain China.

Beijing also does not like that the US could undermine China’s plans to reunite with Taiwan. Lin and Blanchett do not rule out that the PRC “goes on the offensive” and will more aggressively defend its interests in the international arena. This became especially true after the visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

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