Tourist visitor center to open on Novaya Zemlya in 2023

Photo: © Nikolay Gernet

In the Russian Arctic National Park on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, the first visitor center for tourists will be opened in 2023.

– Next year we plan to open a visitor center at Cape Zhelaniya. The visitor center, which is located directly in the park, where arriving tourists will be able to learn about the park as a whole and in more detail about the territory where they arrived and its adjacent areas, said Alexander Kirilov, director of the park, about the plans.

He noted that this year the formation of the Arctic Embassy visitor center, which was opened in 2020 in Arkhangelsk, was completed. Specialists were engaged in the formation and expansion of exposition and museum activities. In the coming year, the park will continue to improve infrastructure, equip eco-trails and improve excursions.

– If we talk about the plans for 2023 in general, then this is the continuation of work: observation of objects of animate and inanimate nature, continuation of work on the construction of tourist infrastructure directly on the territory of the park, arrangement of the mooring area, arrangement of ecological paths on the islands, development of new texts of excursions, installation of QR codes for audio guides available in the park,” Kirilov shared.

In 2023, work will also continue to ensure safety in the park. The director stressed that this experience can be really used in other similar areas: the park can act as a “donor of knowledge, experience and practice.”

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