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Amnesty Internationa says Ukraine has violated military law because of equipment in cities

Human rights organization Amnesty International accused Ukraine of violating international law. As writes RIA Newsthe report notes the violation of weapons in schools and hospitals in cities.

We have documented cases where Ukrainian forces have put civilians at risk and violated military law when operating in populated areas… Being on the defensive does not exempt the Ukrainian military from complying with international humanitarian law

Agnes CalamarSecretary General of Amnesty International

As the report says, Kyiv causes “harm to the civilian population … by using weapons systems in populated areas, including schools and hospitals.” Thus, not only military law is violated, but also international humanitarian law.

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The report of the organization says that in 22 out of 29 schools visited by their specialists, the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed their personnel or equipment. In Odessa, the Ukrainian military even installed armored vehicles in areas where a large number of people live, and they turned the university building in Bakhmut into their military base, human rights activists concluded.

Placement of positions in schools

Prior to this in Ministry of Defense of Russia repeatedly reported on the placement of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in schools. In July chief National Defense Control Center of Russia colonel general Mikhail Mizintsev toldthat the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) took up positions on the territory of two schools in Dnipro. According to him, artillery positions were equipped there.

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He also informedthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed artillery, armored vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) near a school in Odessa. “In Odessa, on the territory of school No. 100 (Vernenskaya St.), units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed armored vehicles, heavy artillery and MLRS, set up roadblocks around the perimeter of the educational institution,” a representative of the Ministry of Defense said.

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According to Mizintsev, the approaches to the educational institution were mined, but the local population was deliberately not informed about this.

Condemnation of supplies

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Natalya Nikonorova statedthat will appeal to the commissioner of the High Commissioner UN on human rights and United Nations Security Council demanding to condemn the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine.

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Nikonorova noted that the DPR would ask Russia to assist in disseminating information among all UN members.

First of all, we demand to condemn the supply of weapons to Ukraine, because it is with these weapons that our children and our civilians are killed. The second is to stop turning a blind eye to the truth that is happening here, to the death of civilians. We will demand to protect our rights and, as far as possible, to perceive reality from both sides.

Natalya Nikonorova head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR

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