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“Strana” reported that refugees from Ukraine complain about difficult working conditions in Europe

Refugees from Ukraine complain about difficult working conditions in Europe, about this informs newspaper “Strana”.

One of the Ukrainians told the publication that she has been in Italy since March. The family was provided with free housing, three months of assistance was paid – 300 euros per adult and 150 per child. Now the payments are over, and the owners are hinting that it’s time to move out.

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“The work here is really bad. We settled down to pick cherries at six euros an hour. The work is hellish: ten hours a day and one day off a month. Therefore, we were not enough for a long time, ”said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

Another refugee added that in Italy there is a lot of unofficial employment, so the worker can be deceived and not paid. There is also a “sale” of good positions, for which the intermediary should pay up to 500 euros for recommendations.

The publication writes that Ukrainian doctors face problems in finding employment. Theoretically, you can get a job in your specialty for a salary of two thousand euros even without confirming a diploma, but few manage to find a place even for a lower salary. It is noted that it is difficult to even get an unpaid internship in an Italian hospital.

Formerly The Guardian newspaper reportedthat lies and disinformation campaigns, in particular about the amount of support Ukrainian refugees receive, could lead to tensions with residents of European countries where Ukrainians who have fled are seeking help.

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