“United Russia” offered a lump sum payment for all participants of the SVO in 195 thousand rubles

The party proposes to compensate the regions for the missing funds for these purposes at the expense of the federal budget.

Photo: United Russia press service

According to the website ER.ru, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak sent a letter with a corresponding initiative to the head of the Coordinating Council for meeting the needs of the RF Armed Forces, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

– Over the 8 months of the NMD, we have taken many measures to support our servicemen and their families. At the federal level, these are credit holidays, the preservation of jobs for those mobilized, tax deferrals, and a number of others. At the regional level, about 50 types of support measures are being implemented – from free hot meals in schools for children of SVO participants to tax benefits and lump sum payments. Obviously, in Moscow or Tyumen the local budget can afford more than in Penza or Chita. But on the front lines, the guys risk their lives equally. There should be no inequality in this matter, Andrey Turchak is sure.

In this regard, the party proposes:

– establish a one-time payment in the amount of at least 195 thousand rubles for citizens called up for military service and volunteers;

– exclude the accrual of interest on the amount of the principal debt on mortgage and consumer loans of military personnel participating in the SVO and members of their families during the period of credit holidays, providing for compensation to credit organizations from the federal budget;

– Establish free two meals a day for the children of military personnel participating in the SVO and fallen combat veterans studying at school or at home;

– provide the right to free prescription medicines for underage children of military personnel who died in the SVO;

– to grant the right to annual free vouchers to the sanatoriums of federal bodies for family members of servicemen who have lost their breadwinner, elderly parents and disabled parents of dead officers;

– provide the right for veterans of military operations to annual treatment or rest in sanatoriums and boarding houses of federal bodies for a fee of half the cost of a voucher, as well as free travel to and from the place of rest;

– provide the right for combat veterans to free travel on public transport within the boundaries of settlements;

– provide military personnel participating in the SVO, volunteers and mobilized, as well as family members of these citizens, the right to receive free legal assistance.

“On a number of these proposals, United Russia has prepared draft federal laws and has already sent them to the Government for conclusion,” Andrey Turchak said in his address to Mikhail Mishustin.

Recall that on October 20, President Vladimir Putin signed a law initiated by United Russia on the right of mobilized people to transfer business management by proxy. Now, military personnel who were registered as individual entrepreneurs or are founders of an organization will have five working days during mobilization to resolve organizational issues related to the further implementation of the activities of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. Legal relations apply to citizens mobilized since September 21. The law came into force from the date of signing. Also, “United Russia” ensured the right of military personnel employed in the SVO, and members of their families for credit holidays.

In addition, earlier the head of state signed a number of draft laws initiated by United Russia aimed at supporting military personnel participating in the special operation. Among them is the law on recognizing families of fallen soldiers in need of housing. The document determines that when providing housing to family members of a deceased or dead serviceman, the size of the total area is determined based on the composition of the family of the serviceman (as of the date of his death or death), taking into account children born after his death, in respect of which paternity has been established.

From the first day of the special operation, United Russia has been providing comprehensive assistance to the residents of Donbass, as well as to those who remained in the LDNR, in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Regional branches of the party have already delivered more than 14 thousand tons of humanitarian cargo to the people’s republics, of which more than 700 tons of medicines. Also, “United Russia” has collected more than a billion rubles to help the front. With these funds, thousands of quadrocopters, drones, communications equipment, thermal imagers and equipment were purchased and transferred to the front line soldiers.

In turn, the governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, secretary of the regional branch of United Russia, Yuri Bezdudny, said that the district had already sent several trucks with building materials to the Donbass, backpacks for first-graders had been delivered to Mariupol, and a humanitarian aid reception center had been opened on the basis of the executive committee of the regional branch of the party, where caring citizens bring clothes, hygiene products, long-term storage products.

– I often say the phrase: “As long as we are united, we are invincible!” It has become our motto, – said the head of the region.

He also said that the district joined the work of the #MYVMESTE headquarters and took under the patronage of the families of the mobilized northerners.

– One of the main tasks that I set for my team is to take care of the parents, children and wives of our fighters. Therefore, we have taken a number of support measures: we provide children with free hot meals in kindergartens, schools and colleges, we have made public transport free for children. The guys themselves have already been transferred all the payments, provided them with the necessary uniforms, – said Yuri Bezdudny. – Literally the other day I met with our guys who left for partial mobilization. The conditions in which they live are quite good! Mood – fighting! Victory will be ours!

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