US veterans urge Senate to vote against NATO expansion

Representatives of Concerned Veterans for America called on the US Senate to vote against the inclusion of Finland and Sweden in NATO. Relevant statement appeared on the CVA website.

The organization’s senior adviser, Dan Caldwell, explained such a call by the organization as the risk of exacerbating a “confrontation with a nuclear-armed Russia.” Also among the negative consequences of the decision to accept Finland and Sweden into NATO, he called the large financial costs and “regular deployment of troops in both countries.”

According to Caldall, the last thing the United States, “burdened with $30 trillion in national debt, record inflation and growing limits on military power, should do is extend NATO security guarantees to two more wealthy European states.” He urged Washington instead to “encourage EU countries to take more responsibility for their own security” and to focus on more “pressing issues at home and in other parts of the world.”

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