Vladimir Efimov: most of the calls through the Moscow Investor service were received in the Trading section – ExpertRU

Entrepreneurs of the capital were most interested in the bidding section, as well as urban land and property on the Moscow Investor online portal. With the help of this service, businesses can ask the authorities questions and send their proposals in one window mode. Since the launch of the service in November 2020, Moscow Investor has been used more than 1,500 times. Of these, 63% of applications (934 pcs) were received through the “bidding” section. Such statistics were shared on May 12 by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov. According to him, the second most popular category was the section “Land and real estate”: the authorities of the capital recorded more than 380 appeals on it. Entrepreneurs also ask questions about supporting small and medium-sized businesses: there were 107 of them.

The authorities evaluate this platform as an effective platform for operational communication between the city and business. “The platform allows you to quickly identify problems related to investment activities in the capital and find ways to solve them. Thanks to the service, a greater number of entrepreneurs can learn about the support measures offered by Moscow, take advantage of them, and thereby maintain investment activity in the current conditions. At the moment, business representatives have used the Moscow Investor more than 1.5 thousand times, 320 times this year alone,” said Vladimir Yefimov.

Recall that there are 9 sections on the portal, including such as industry support, taxation, connection to engineering networks, licenses. The message sent by the user is sent to the relevant department of the Moscow government. If the answer does not suit the author, his second appeal is considered by the project office at the business protection headquarters.

According to the estimates of the Moscow government, businessmen are often interested in such issues as the bidding procedure, paperwork when buying land, as well as the conditions under which benefits can be obtained from the city. “Through the online service, entrepreneurs can not only ask questions, but also offer additional support measures – all of them will certainly be taken into account and considered,” stressed the head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Vladislav Ovchinsky.

Only registered users can send an appeal, this can be done both on the website and through the Investmoscow mobile application. The fields that the user fills out during registration are automatically transferred to the request itself. “Therefore, an entrepreneur can focus precisely on describing his problem, without wasting time on entering typical information. After sending the appeal, the main information will be available in the widget on the main page, and more detailed information will be available in the “My appeals” section,” explained the Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Information Technology Department Edward Lysenko. According to him, in most cases, the authorities respond to appeals within 4-10 business days. In exceptional cases, the response time may be extended up to a month.

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