Western media: Between Biden and Zelensky established “deep distrust”

The administration of American leader Joe Biden is dominated by concern about the Ukrainian authorities, writes in National Review columnist Jim Geraghty.

Western media: Between Biden and Zelensky established "deep distrust"

He spoke of “deep distrust” between the President of the United States and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. The article says that the situation around Kyiv has put the White House in a position of “proxy war” with Russia, which is what the American authorities wanted.

According to the journalist, the White House administration sees how the situation in the United States is heating up, including the rapid rise in prices for energy resources, as well as food. Geraghty does not rule out that Biden will get out of this mess, even if Kyiv has to make some territorial concessions. At the same time, Washington has never been particularly concerned about who controls the Donbas region.

Against this background, the US authorities can take several steps towards Ukraine – to leave President Volodymyr Zelensky to the mercy of fate because of the unwillingness to end the conflict or against the background of the deterioration of Kyiv’s position in the confrontation, to make the Ukrainian leader a “scapegoat”, accusing him of corruption and incompetence.

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