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Great Lent is the path that leads us to the feast of Easter, the Bright Resurrection of Christ. To follow this path, the Fathers of the Church recommend imposing certain restrictions, including in nutrition. Lent in 2022 will last from March 7 to April 23, the table these days will be limited to certain products.

Christians enter Great Lent for the purpose of spiritual cleansing, so it is wrong to perceive fasting as a diet. However, there are general rules for eating during Lent.

These days it is not recommended to eat food of animal origin: meat, eggs, dairy products. On the feasts of Palm Sunday and the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos, fish is allowed. Other seafood is also not included in the list of forbidden.

And what about shawarma? After all, delicious and beloved shawarma is a great option for a quick snack at work, school or just at home. Many people believe that meat is an indispensable ingredient, without which there can be no shawarma.

This is far from the case, there are recipes for a vegetarian vegetable, dietary shawarma, which is no less healthy and nutritious than the classic shawarma with meat stuffing, which is widely known to us.

So, Victoria Kayumova went to “Your Shawarma”, where the chef gladly provided her with his kitchen and told her about the secrets of making such shawarma.

If you want to repeat and try, write down the recipe.


pita bread – 1 piece;
tomatoes -2 pcs;
champignons – 200 gr;
sour cream – 60 gr;
garlic – 2 cloves;
greens (dill or parsley) – a bunch;
melted cheese in layers – 100 gr;
onion – 1 head;
salt and pepper to taste.

How to cook vegetable shawarma at home:

Finely chop the greens and garlic with a knife, mix with sour cream. Salt to taste and put the future sauce to infuse.
Rinse vegetables thoroughly under running water to remove all impurities.
Tear lettuce leaves into small pieces.
Cut the tomatoes into small slices, cook the cabbage in advance, cut the onion into half rings.
Rinse the mushrooms, peel, fry on the grill (at home, the grill can be replaced with a frying pan). When ready, cut the mushrooms into cubes.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Lavash sheets are generously greased with sauce and put tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms with onions, peppers, lettuce, mushrooms and cheese on it.
Roll up pita bread like a pancake. Fry the shawarma first on both sides in a dry frying pan until crispy and serve.
Bon appetit!

Marina Olkhovskaya
Victoria Kayumova
Maxim Rogov

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