While you were sleeping: the consequences of the visit of Pelosi and the freezing of assets of the Russian Federation

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Pelosi’s visit could result in blockade of Taiwan

China will not escalate the situation and turn to military action against Taiwan, but the visit of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taipei will not leave without attention. About it declared experts interviewed by Izvestia.

China clearly does not want an escalation, but amid the visit of a senior US politician, Beijing has already suspended imports of products from more than 180 island food companies. At the same time, Taiwan should prepare for the strengthening of Chinese aviation visits to the island’s air defense zone, reconnaissance flights near it, as well as mass exercises of the Chinese army, experts say.

Russian companies began to borrow in yuan

Rusal’s placement of yuan bonds creates a precedent for the entire Russian market, and other major players may follow this path in the future. At the same time, it is too early to talk about attracting Chinese investments to Russia, since these are still local bonds circulating on the domestic market, explained economists interviewed by Izvestia.

According to experts, for the yuan funding mechanism to work effectively, companies exporting goods and services to China should borrow in it. At the same time, in the future, Russian companies will also be able to attract incoming yuan capital, which will be facilitated by the policy of Russia, which “every time found a way to pay off partners, despite blocking by unfriendly states.”

France freezes Russian assets for 1.2 billion euros

According to the representative of the French Ministry of Finance Guillaume Valette-Val, within the framework of personal sanctions, both financial and non-financial assets owned by Russians in the amount of about € 1.2 billion have been blocked in the republic. The amount of frozen funds does not take into account the blocked property of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, write “News”.

Experts noted that the placement of assets in a particular country is “a kind of tribute to its stability”, and now many of those who keep savings in France, for example, will think about it. In the future, we can expect an outflow of capital from European countries, they stated.

Moldova is waiting for gas shutdown

The Moldovan authorities, having frozen relations with Russia amid the Ukrainian crisis, are preparing for a difficult winter and are waiting for Gazprom to cut off supplies. The government has developed three scenarios for the development of the situation, and all of them are negative, notes “Kommersant”.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, the government is working to reduce gas consumption in the winter, calling for a voluntary reduction of 15%, and is also buying fuel oil and coal for thermal power plants in large cities. Spinu did not rule out that in the future, areas would be found to plant them with “energy plants” like willows, in order to then use them for firewood.

“Gazprom” will earn on the collapse of gas exports

The data of the Russian company “Gazprom” indicate a continuing decline in gas exports against the backdrop of lower demand from European countries. So, in June it fell by 50%, in July – by almost 59%. However, the dropped volumes are more than compensated by the high price, writes “Kommersant”.

Analysts believe that the current situation will not affect the income of Gazprom, the company can earn 80 or even 90 billion dollars, that is, revenue will almost double compared to last year. At the same time, the main drop in exports is already behind them, they are sure.

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