Yuri Bezdudny met with mobilized from the NAO

Photo: press service of the administration of the NAO

The head of the region checked the conditions in which the servicemen are kept and handed them additional sets of uniforms.

In particular, the head of the NAO visited the dining room and the barracks, talked with the mobilized and the command of the unit. In addition to the kit that the district fighters were given before being sent to the assembly point, Yuri Bezdudny brought sleeping bags, raincoats, anti-fragmentation goggles, thermal underwear, carbines and other things necessary for the service. All ammunition was purchased with sponsorship funds.

– The guys themselves formed the list of necessary things based on the knowledge that they received in the initial military training. The commanders noted the fighting spirit and conscientious attitude of our guys to combat training. I looked at the living conditions for the fighters, had lunch together, talked with everyone. I told about the help that we provide to the relatives of our guys – they can be calm for their rear, – said Yuri Bezdudny after visiting the training camp.

Most of the guys who are now undergoing training near St. Petersburg left to serve voluntarily.

– On October 4, I saw in the evening newscast how our military commissar announced mobilization, the next day I came to the military commissariat as a volunteer. Before sending here, I already knew some of the guys. We have the same thoughts, desires and goals – to protect our family, homeland, Fatherland. My family reacted positively to my desire to volunteer, they said: “It is necessary, therefore, it is necessary.” Education and conditions here are top notch. The training is the same as it was in military service, only more competent, more experienced, – says Alexander, mobilized from the territory of the NAO.

In the near future, all military personnel called up from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug will be provided with additional sets of equipment.

Recall that on behalf of the Governor of the NAO Yuri Bezdudny, the mobilized are fully equipped and supplied with personal items. In addition, those called up for partial mobilization are provided with a lump sum payment of 100 thousand rubles. Military personnel can send funds for any purpose. The payouts are already underway. Also, the children of military personnel are granted the right to extraordinary enrollment in a short-stay group and extraordinary transfer from one kindergarten to another, as close as possible to the place of residence of the family, as well as free meals in kindergartens, schools and secondary vocational education organizations.

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