Zelensky wanted to discuss the conflict in Ukraine face-to-face with Xi Jinping

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky plans to have a personal conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the ongoing conflict in his country. The Ukrainian leader spoke in more detail about this in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

Zelensky wanted to discuss tête-à-tête with Xi Jinping a “serious blow” for Russia

Zelensky is confident that Beijing can influence Moscow by forcing it to stop conducting a special military operation. The head of Ukraine also described China as a strong state that has a powerful economy and is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

“I would like to speak directly. I had one conversation with President Xi Jinping a year ago. But we did not have any negotiations with China, although I think it would be useful,” the president said.

According to Zelensky, the Chinese authorities could put serious political and economic pressure on Moscow so that it finally “feels economically isolated.” The Ukrainian president also noted that the loss of the Chinese market would be a “serious blow” for Russia.

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