WP learned about the threats of the CIA of Russia due to the “Havana syndrome” – RBK

The head of the CIA said that there would be “consequences” for Russia if it turns out that she was involved in the emergence of the “Havana syndrome” among American employees. Russia has previously denied such accusations.

The CIA warned Russia about the “consequences” if it turns out that she was involved in mysterious incidents with American diplomats around the world associated with the so-called “Havana syndrome” informs The Washington Post citing sources.

According to the newspaper, this was discussed during the visit of CIA Director William Burns to Moscow in November, as well as his meetings with the leadership of the FSB and SVR. Burns said that causing serious brain damage to American employees and their families is beyond the scope of “professional intelligence.”

The newspaper writes that Burns’ warning was not a direct accusation. The fact that the CIA director used the word “if” indicates the authorities’ inability to pinpoint who is behind the attacks on US government officials. Nevertheless, Burns’ direct warning indicates that Moscow is seriously suspected of involvement in Washington, The Washington Post clarifies.

WSJ learns of the evacuation of a CIA employee with “Havana syndrome” from Serbia

U.S. Embassy Belgrade

Russia May Be Involved in Attacks on American Diplomats Burns spoke back in July. However, then he refused to draw any conclusions, specifying only that we are talking about “a couple of hundred” cases of the manifestation of the “Havana syndrome” since 2016.

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