Yandex Go reported a short-term failure when paying via Apple Pay – RBC

Some users could not pay for Yandex Go services (including taxi, delivery and car sharing services) using the Apple Pay payment system, the failure was short-lived. This was reported to RBC by the press service of the service.

“A number of users have had short-term difficulties with Apple Pay. Our specialists have already solved this problem and now there are no difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience, ”the company said.

Previously on social networks appeared messages about problems with paying for a taxi.

Another major failure of the Yandex Go service happened In the end of August. At that time, malfunctions were also mainly reported by residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, but they were observed in other cities as well. Users complained about difficulties when trying to find a taxi and that the application was unable to determine their location.

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