Zhada Natlie Koendov in Love Island: Did she break up with Lucky Royal and join the reality show?

Many were surprised that Missa appeared in the villa along with other companions Natlia Koendov. Looking for love in the villa after breaking up with barber Laky Royal. She officially broke off her engagement with him in April this year, shortly after she won the Top Model of the World contest. Both have been clear about the end of their relationship for some time.

However, many hunters are puzzled as to how the model managed to sign up for an audition so quickly after the breakup. According to Expres, the first castings for the villa took place in May this year, the last in August. This means that Natlie would still have to think about it months after the breakup, or even months before the breakup.

It is speculated whether the former model’s ambitions were behind the breakup of the famous pru. This could indicate the release of Laky himself.

Natlka won the world championship, I have so much work and a career ahead of me, I have goals and objectives, that’s why we each have different priorities that we decided to go our own way, said barber on social media.

The editors of Expres.cz contacted Nova TV to confirm whether Natlia was approached for cooperation, or whether the model entered the program on her own.

Natlie Koendov and Laky Royal

Natlie Koendov went through the standard casting process, creative producer Samuel Jako told him.

The individual castings did not take place in the traditional form, but in the form of casting interviews, in total the casting took place for about one month. The interview took place with fifteen and twenty women.

Love Island: the basic line-up

I’ll ask if the breakup is just for girls, or if the first time on Love Island was behind it. But Natlie just quickly grabbed the braid by the waist.

Our editors also asked Laky Royal for a release, we did not receive his response at the time of publication of the link. If it is received, we will add it to the link after the day. We have not yet contacted Natalia Koendová because, according to the available information, she does not have access to a mobile phone during the filming.

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