Zpvk Karel Kahovec showed the young partner. This redhead is 31 years young

Singer and music composer Karel Kahovec (75) not only sang on the birthday of artist Roman ehka, but introduced his new love for the first time. Red-haired beauty (44) did not move a step away from her partner, and it was clear from their looks that even age did not hinder their love. Karel had a crush on the young girl.

Musician Karel Kahovec is deeply in love. Even though he has been with his new love for eleven long years, there was no sign that they were bothered by it, and age put a dent in their love.

Zpvk cuddled up to the handsome brunette as much as he could, and you could tell how much he looked up to his famous partner. During the entire birthday celebration, her mother did not let her go.

Even Karel did not shy away from romantic and intimate touches, he stroked his love’s hair and legs and was constantly asked about him.

The redhead thought she was getting to know his friends, who had evidently seen her before, and the composer introduced the friend to the company.

If it will work for them, not one first, but even for a moment, and you and the dog consider the big difference every moment together.

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