Zpvk Provaznk showed a sexy redhead: She’s the right one! Felix Slovek approved it for me

He always tried to be a perfect gentleman, like his idol and the most famous Czech singer Karel Gott, whose songs are still sung today. Ondej Provaznk, who in the year 2020 received official permission from the Master’s publishing house to sing dl compositions, now boasted a new songbird to Expres. Sexy redhead Lucia, with whom he traveled on a romantic stay in Karlovy Vary, was approved by Felix Slovek!

Over there Ropewho, even after the death of the most famous Czech singer, as the only domestic performer, was given the go-ahead by the publishing house Karel Gott Agency, s.r.o., to present himself as a singer performing the songs of Karel Gott, he is in love after all.

His birdie is the beautiful redhead Lucie, whom Ondej bragged about at social gatherings, and it seems that their relationship is off.

In November it will be a year since we met. She’s the one, we’re dreaming of a baby Provaznk, who took his handsome partner on a romantic vacation to the luxurious Park Hotel Richmond resort in Karlovy Vary, was happy with him.

After that Ondej Provaznk packed the built-in cake. Felix Slovek approved it for him!

In some photos, the well-known saxophonist Felix Slovek is with Ondej and Luci, who is known to be often in the company of Christian women.

I introduced Lucia to Felix right at the beginning of our relationship. He was almost the first hunter I bragged about. I had to consult an expert, Provaznk smiled.

After that Ondej Provaznk packed the built-in cake. Felix Slovek approved it for him!

And what did Slovek say about his new partner? Of course I liked her. He literally said to me, “I’m from hell, tst, he was very fond of him, his biggest idol is Karel Gott.

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